Detachment 88, or Delta 88, is a nickname given to the newly anti-terror special force unit formed within Indonesian Police (Polri). According to Brig. Gen. Pranowo, the Indonesian Police Headquarter Anti-Terror Director, the number '88' is taken from the largest number of casualties suffered by a country in the Bali bombings incidents. In that incident, 88 Australians lost their lives.

The number '8' represents continuity since this number does not show the beginning and the end like other numbers. The number '8' also looks like police handcuffs. These two symbolic explanation depict the mentality of Detachment 88 that is very seious to work continuously to solve the terrorism-related cases.

This special unit is being funded by the US government through its State Department's Diplomatic Security Service. The unit is currently being trained in Megamendung, 50 kilometers south of Jakarta, by CIA, FBI, and US Secret Service. Most of these instructors were ex-US special forces personnels.

Detachment 88 is designed to become an anti-terrorist unit that is capable to counter various terrorists' threats, from bomb threats to hostage situations. This 400-personnels strong special force is expected to be fully operative in 2005. They consist of investigators, explosive experts, and attack unit that includes snipers.

Detachment 88 is equipped with US weaponry and assault vehicles, such as Colt M-4 assault rifles, Armalite AR-10 sniper rifles, and Remington 870 shotguns. It is reported, although has not been confirmed yet, that this unit will have its own C-130 Hercules military transport airplane to increase its mobility. All the equipments, including their training materials, reportedly are exactly the same as those of US anti-terrorist units.